Based on the provided search results, Viggle appears to be an AI-powered creative tool focused on generating and manipulating videos, particularly memes and animated content. Here are the key points about Viggle:

  1. Viggle is described as the “new hottest AI Creative Tool” that is “forever changing Memes and the future of AI Video”.[1] This suggests that Viggle is a cutting-edge platform for creating and editing video content using artificial intelligence.
  2. Viggle allows users to make any character move as desired, implying that it has capabilities for animating and manipulating existing video footage or images.[2] This could involve techniques like deepfakes or motion transfer.
  3. The platform seems to be popular on social media platforms like Discord, where it has a dedicated server with over 3.9 million members.[2] This indicates a large and active user community engaging with Viggle’s AI video creation tools.
  4. Viggle is being used in conjunction with other AI tools like Kaiber, Leonardo, Midjourney, and Gen-2 for creating “wild AI Film Kitbash” videos.[3] This suggests that Viggle can be integrated or used alongside other AI-powered creative tools.
  5. Tutorials and examples of Viggle’s capabilities, such as creating AI-generated dance videos, are available on platforms like YouTube.[4] This demonstrates the platform’s potential for generating unique and engaging video content.

While the search results provide insights into Viggle’s AI video creation and manipulation capabilities, they do not offer detailed information about the specific underlying technologies, features, or pricing models of the platform.

It’s important to note that one of the search results [5] appears to be unrelated, as it refers to a plant species called Vigna glabrescens, likely due to the similarity in the name “Viggl” and the plant’s code “VIGGL”.

Overall, Viggle seems to be an innovative AI-powered tool focused on enabling users to create and manipulate video content, particularly memes and animated videos, with its advanced AI capabilities for motion transfer, animation, and integration with other AI creative tools.


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